Version 4/16/2018
Software for the Seed Industry

Pure Harvest software manages data for Seed Labs, Seed Regulatory Testing, Growers Associations, Field Inspection, and Seed Certification. It is available for public and private labs and organizations.

Our goal is to address parts of our customers needs under a Software as a Service model, but allow local additions and connections where possible. We use open source software products throughout our application so that customers are not faced with huge license fees if they choose to do local extensions, or hire us directly to do specialized modules.

Although we use Open Source products, we do not embed GPL products. All Pure Harvest code and design is copyright by us and we reserve all rights.

Every customer now has their own identity under the domain. For example, if you use the Forest Service Lab, their new web page is

You can find the lab you normally log into by clicking one of the names below.

You should remember or bookmark the lab you are connecting to. The links on this page will be removed soon.

Official Labs

  • [CSL] Colorado Seed Lab
  • [FSNSL] Forest Service National Seed Lab
  • [IDAHO] Idaho State Seed Lab
  • [MCIA] Minnesota Crop Improvement
  • [MBPI] Mississippi Bureau of Plant Industry
  • [MSSL] Montana State Seed Lab
  • [NYSSTL] New York State Seed Lab
  • [WSAL] Wyoming Seed Analysis Lab
  • [WSDA] Wash. State Dept of Agriculture

Growers Associations

  • [MCIA] Minnesota Crop Improvement
  • [WSCIA] Wash. State Crop Improvement

Private and Independent Labs