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Pure Harvest Software

Pure Harvest Software
1290 Osage Street
Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55117
Contact : Bob Treumann
Telephone :

Pure Harvest™ software manages field inspection and seed testing processes and provides timely and accurate lab results to external customers. Customers receive PDF lab results by email, and have access to a private website to download results, examine weed images, and forward results to buyers. It has helped many dealers save time and close sales faster. Pure Harvest is used in private, state and federal labs across the US.

Pure Harvest labs produce consistent, high quality results through a combination of experienced analysts and automated calculations and reports. Pure Harvest processes are based carefully on AOSA procedures and rules.

Pure Harvest Mastodon account

Pure Harvest Mastodon server

Bulk Certificates

If you came here looking to print certificates for potato bulk sales, you want this site :

CPCS at seedhub. Colorado Potato Certification Service

Document Verification

Verify a pdf copy of a document

You can be confident that a PDF copy of a document is unmodified by comparing its “ fingerprint ” (checksum) with the document we sent out. All you need is the lab number of the document and the fingerprint (checksum) of the document you already have. You don't have to ask the sender for evidence, and they won't know that you verified it.

In order to prevent hackers from uploading a random document to our server we are recommending that you use a third party website to get the checksum of the document you have.

Instructions for document verification.

Whats Related

Individual Lab Login

If you have reached this page trying to log into a lab for test results, you have saved an old link that will no longer work.

The login you need is “**http ..”, where PHName is the database you are trying to reach, such as WSAL, WSDA,CSL,RANSOM,ISSL, MSGA etc. If you don't know what the direct login is, call your lab to find out.

You can click here Our Customers to find the direct link, but that is also not permanent.

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